We have all specialised in Residential 'Managed Properties' for all of our professional lives, and as such we fully appreciate the intricacies and issues involved in working within the confines of Leases and Landlord & Tenant Legislation, and as such we consider that we are very well placed to advise either Landlords or Leaseholders on various issues, including:

Building Surveys:

Numerous various instructions used to assist with:

purchase of properties and valuation

identification and remedy of defects

possibility of alteration, extension, redevelopment etc

recording of condition of properties at start and end of lease, works to adjacent areas

Landlords' Licence:

Numerous instructions to consider the alteration of Leasehold properties both advising Landlords on what works can be permitted and how these can be limited and controlled , leading to the preparation of a 'Licence', and advising the Leaseholders on the same issues and negotiating with Landlords and assisting with design.

Insurance Valuations:

Calculation of Insurance Re-instatement valuations to ensure- not over insured and thus overpaying premium, not under insured.

Insurance Reinstatements/ Claims:

Various instructions representing Policyholders where claims are made for flood, fire or other insured damage.

Planned Maintenance Schedules:

Preparation of costed schedules identifying works required over an agreed period and the costs that should be allowed for, thus allowing for informed and professional budgeting for future works. These can be as detailed as required from a simple summary table down to a fully costed and quantified schedule (see link for Battersea Wharf).

Party Walls:

Representing either party where works are being considered on Party Walls/ Floors and where excavations are proposed in close proximity to other properties. For further advice please visit Party Walls.

Major Works/ Contract Administration:

We can assist with the full programme of Major works from initial assessment of extent of works, timings and costs, through to preparation of Specifications, obtaining tenders and running jobs on site through to completion. For more guidance and information please visit the Contract Administration. 

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